Leitch incorporates ASACA's FireFly

Leitch has signed an OEM agreement with ASACA, the high-density storage solutions company.

Under the agreement, Leitch will integrate ASACA's new FireFly DM series digital virtual libraries into their portfolio of server products.

Integrating new Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disk drives, FireFly delivers up to 48 terabytes (TB) of data per library at 400MB/s. Paired with Leitch's main product lines, including video processing and distribution, video servers and post production solutions, FireFly will be fully equipped to address every aspect of the professional video production process.

FireFly incorporates as many as 192- 200GB or 250GB Serial ATA drives within a single ASACA library. It provides high-speed transmission of data on demand, similar to an online RAID. FireFly is also capable of remaining in a quiescent state until needed. FireFly is an electronic library based on hard disk drives.

For more information visit www.leitch.com and www.asaca.com.

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