Leader Reveals LV 7390 Rasterizer

FULLERTON, CALIF. – Leader announced the latest addition to its series of test equipment and signal analyzers, the LV 7390 multi-standard rasterizer. Compatible with 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI, the LV 7390 can measure up to four SDI signals simultaneously and incorporates a full-resolution HD-SDI rasterizing output allowing operators to check detailed video and audio parameters on any display screen.

Able to be operated by either the front panel or a plug-in pointing device, the LV 7390 can be customized to show multiple waveform combinations. Measurement capabilities include waveform and vector display plus a reference maker that can be positioned anywhere on the user’s external screen. Leader’s Cinelite feature, which can gauge the brightness distribution of an image, is also integrated into the LV 7390.

Leader, a producer of electronic measuring tools, will display the LV 7390 at the upcoming Cine Video Expo Television in Mexico City, June 16-19. The LV 7390 will be available starting in July.