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Korean broadcaster goes 3-D with Pablo Neo

The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Korea’s national public broadcaster that owns or operates 18 regional TV stations and 11 overseas bureaus, has purchased two Quantel Pablo Neo 2K color-correction and finishing systems.

One Pablo will be used by the KBS computer graphics division for color correction, stereoscopic 3-D manipulation and mastering of non-fiction programming such as documentaries. The second system is for the TV drama special effects team at KBS Mediatech, where it will be handling color correction on the high-profile dramas for which KBS is renowned.

Kim Jae-Sang, a colorist at KBS, said the enhanced v5 stereo toolset is optimal for stereo 3-D finishing work. In addition, the new v5 software enables uncommitted, in-context grading across multiple layers as well as real-time playback and fast rendering.