Korean Baseball Organization Fields GV’s K2 Dyno

MONTREAL—In an effort to improve its video replay process across its league, the Korean Baseball Organization has called on Grass Valley’s K2 Dyno Universe Replay Systems from the bullpen. The league has acquired nine K2 systems with K2 Summit 3G media servers and has installed in all nine of its stadiums across Korea.

KBO is able to manage all video feeds from the stadiums from a single remote control center in Seoul. Each K2 Summit media server has the capability to ingest 12 video feeds, including a multiviewer feed and multiple channels of video, which is patched to the central control center via an IP encoder/decoder.

The K2 Dyno Universe comes in a 4 RU system with 24 channels or a 6 RU system with 36 channels. Both systems are optimized for 6X or 4K operation and are 6X and 4K switchable. It also features a touchscreen interface, shuttle know and Grass Valley T-bar, AnySpeed technology for playback, and the ability to share content with the K2 media server infrastructure.