Key Digital offers AV HDMI switcher and distribution amplifier

Key Digital has unveiled the KD-HDMI2x4P. The AV HDMI switcher and distribution amplifier offers the capability of switching and distributing two HDMI/HDCP/DVID (up to 1080p) inputs to as many as four outputs. It can be daisy chained to support up to 100 outputs or displays.

The switcher and distribution amplifier supports left and right analog stereo, coaxial/digital (PCM) audio and Toslink audio and supports any HDMI/HDCP/DVID resolution at 50Hz and 60Hz. LEDs indicate the selected source and input/output status.

HDMI cable runs are possible up to 300ft (from original source to display) in 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i resolutions. For HDMI cable runs greater than 75ft, the use of multiple Key Digital KD-HDB150s is required for each input and output.

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