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JVC Takes HDV Tapeless

JVC has introduced a new tapeless hard disk drive as its latest ProHD recorder. The JVC model DR-HD100 hard disk drive which attaches directly on the JVC GY-HD100E camcorder uses a single FireWire cable to communicate audio, video, timecode and control information. The DR-HD100 is available in two versions, one with a 40GB capacity hard disk, the other with 80GB.

“The 40GB unit offers more than 3 hours of uninterrupted recording, the 80GB nearly 7 hours. They record and backup both DV and HDV video. Now every user can take advantage of not just extended record times but also tapeless acquisition with the massive time-saver of true DTE (Direct-to-Edit) technology” comments Semir Nouri, Product Manager at JVC Professional Europe Ltd.

JVC’s newly developed MPEG-2 encoding chip enables high quality pictures to be recorded readily to both hard disk and compact DV cassettes simultaneously or consecutively. Because neither special equipment nor exclusive media is required, the total system operating costs are kept at an all-time low. The unit operates with the camera trigger and HD or SD images can be selected together with audio and time code.

The DR-HD100 records standard definition DV25 files to disk as Raw DV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime or QuickTime 24p and includes MXF, Pinnacle AVI and Avid DV-OMF format support. It records high definition 720p 24/25/30 .M2T for HD non-linear editing systems.

“Tapeless recording is quickly being accepted as a alternative to tape in broadcast production,” adds Semir Nouri. “With the release of the GY-HD101E and the DR-HD100 as an accessory, users now have the extremely efficient means of recording and editing and distributing both standard and high definition video, besides the enormous advantages of having tape back-up and low-cost archiving.”

Users have the facility to load the recorded DTE footage seamlessly straight into the non-linear editing system from these external HDDs of either 40GB or 80GB capacity.

The DR-HD100 is compact in design, being only 40mm deep. It features a detailed LCD panel that displays system mode, time code and remaining disk space. When used with the GY-HD101E camcorder, operators can preview recorded clips on the camcorder’s viewfinder, LCD panel or external JVC monitor by using DR-HD100’s playback mode. Functions that are controllable from the camcorder include record, play, pause, stop, forward index, back index and multi-speed fast-forward and rewind.

Third party battery manufacturers such as PAG, IDX and Anton Bauer have not only made special brackets to mount and regulate their batteries on the GY-HD100, but also have made supplementary bracketry and connectors to mount the DR-HD100 recorder at the rear of the camcorder. These solutions are elegant and also provide a counter-balance that is beneficial for extended shoulder-mounted shooting.