JVC Private MESH Video Is Up to Speed for WRTV

WAYNE, N.J.—When drivers were putting the pedal to the metal back in May during the Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis’ ABC affiliate WRTV ran a test of JVC’s Private MESH Video network. The result of the test, according to WRTV Chief Engineer Jeff Walker, was the doubling of HD video delivery over traditional microwave equipment during the race.

Designed for single and multi-camera location shoots, the JVC Private MESH network combines JVC’s encoding technology in ProHD and 4KCAM cameras with the Silvus Bi-Directional Radio System to transmit high-quality HD video with high stream reliability. The network provides a secure encoded video stream while avoiding bandwidth congestion.

With a fixed relay antenna on top of the pagoda structure at the finish line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, JVC was able to put multiple roaming cameras with a Silvus transceiver in different locations on the track. These cameras then used the Private MESH network within the station’s licensed microwave spectrum to transmit footage. Two JVC cameras were able to fit as one traditional, allowing for double capacity, per Walker. The MESH network was able to help provide live shots from areas like Pit Lane, garages, campgrounds, and the Snake Put live music pavilion.

“Now, twice as many live shots are available to the director at any time, and you have two-way communication, so you don’t need a separate system,” said Walker.