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JVC Launches Second-Gen High-Speed LCD

JVC said its new 1080p TV monitors incorporate the company’s second generation of high-speed LCD technology (marketed as “Clear Motion Drive II”) with frame rate of 120 fps (120 Hz). That’s twice the rate of most comparable units, and was designed by JVC to offer better image quality for fast-action content.

The new 10-bit technology 120Hz technology is being offered in three sizes: 37 inches (LT-37X898); 42 inches (LT-42X898); and 47 inches (LT-47X898). JVC unveiled the new products at the recent CEDIA confab in Denver.

JVC said it first introduced high-speed LCD technology more than two years ago in Japan, when it only applied to 720p. Its second-gen high-speed upgrade was formulated specifically for 1080p (1920x1080) displays.

To reduce blurring, JVC said it uses a proprietary algorithm that detects movement and doubles the frame-rate to 120 Hz in order to create an interpolated image that is displayed as two frames (the original and the new frame). It said this happens in the same time it takes conventional units to display a single frame. JVC said image brightness also is maintained by insertion of the interpolated frames.