JVC intros 24in 3-D production monitor

JVC Professional Products Company has unveiled a new 24in HD 3-D production analysis flat-panel monitor as the latest addition to its Verite' G Series product line. The compact DT-3D24G1U LCD monitor supports virtually any 3-D camera setting, with advanced measurement tools to confirm that left and right images have been properly aligned.

The DT-3D24G1U has a list price of $11,995 and will be available in January 2012.

Using its X-Pol circular polarizing system, the DT-3D24G1U displays 3-D images that can be seen using inexpensive polarized (passive) glasses, which avoids potential flicker and power issues associated with active shutter glasses. With no need to synchronize glasses with the display, the monitor is ideal for viewing environments where multiple displays are used, such as control rooms or production trucks. Plus, the DT-3D24G1U can be battery powered, making it ideal for location shoots.

Compatible with side-by-side and line-by-line 3-D formats, the DT-3D24G1U offers a number of tools for checking 3-D signals, including a 3-D cursor that enables binocular disparity to be easily adjusted for optimized 3-D effects. Other 3-D features include unique 3-D measurement markers for left and right channels, mirror/rotation of one channel for dual-camera rigs, split left/right signals for fine tuning camera positions as well as iris and white balance, and left/right sequential display to allow viewing of footage without 3-D glasses. In addition, a left/right swap allows users to check whether cables from the camera(s) to the monitor are connected properly.

Beyond 3-D functions, the DT-3D24G1U is equipped with other features found in the Verite' G Series. The LCD panel offers 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution with 10-bit digital processing and 3Gb/s and dual-link HD-SDI inputs. Its built-in dual-mode waveform and vectorscope provide an easy way to check and monitor input signals from both channels for camera adjustment. The monitor also offers various gamma selection options, displays up to 12 channels of audio metering, supports LTC/VITC time code, and provides on-screen time code display that can show any time code difference between both inputs.