Jadoo introduces emergency fuel cell system

Jadoo Power Systems has announced its new XRT product line, a powerful, high-density power source for emergency preparedness.

Jadoo said XRT provides critical support power when the grid was either unavailable or unreliable. It can be used for power-hungry emergency response applications that need power support, such as portable radio and laptop battery recharging, as well as a battery replacement for emergency lighting and critical communication devices such as satellite phones and modems.

Supporting Jadoo’s N-Gen fuel cell power unit and N-Stor fuel storage canisters, the Jadoo XRT weighs 50lbs, but provides the energy of four 45 Amp-hour batteries weighing more than 100lbs. A mobile, rugged fuel cell power package, it can be configured to deliver application runtimes well beyond that of standard deep-cycle, marine batteries.

A fully configured XRT includes six N-Stor360 fuel canisters, providing up to 2200 Watt-hours (180 Amp-hours) of runtime and one 100-Watt N-Gen fuel cell power unit. The system is hot-swap capable, allowing for continuous, uninterrupted operation. There are 110 VAC and 12 VDC outputs and a digital “state-of-fill” indicator to identify remaining runtime.

For more information, visit www.jadoopower.com.