Inscriber, ECHOLAB Partner On CG

(December 4, 2003) Waterloo, ON--Inscriber and ECHOlab are partnering to integrate Inscriber's Inca CG into the ECHOlab 5000 series of switchers. The partnership will allow Inca CG to be completely integrated in digital studios equipped with the ECHOlab 5000 series of digital video switchers. Inscriber and ECHOlab have jointly developed a proprietary communication mechanism that will enhance the speed and control of studio operations.

The Inca CG offers broadcast and production professionals enhanced creative power, streamlined workflow, and multiple channel effects. The playback of Inca CG graphics can be controlled by the remote operator using ECHOlab's Commander Control Panel.

"The integration of Inca CG with ECHOlab's innovative new switchers dramatically improves studio workflow", said Alex Wackley, senior product manager at Inscriber. "Furthermore, the ability to control Inca CG from within the ECHOlab switcher represents exceptional value."