Innovid Shares Innovid iQ Video Analytics Dashboard

(Image credit: Innovid)

NEW YORK—TV advertising and analytics platform Innovid has recently launched the Innovid iQ dashboard, an open, free service that provides weekly analysis of the video ad landscape, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Innovid iQ draws its data from each campaign that is run across the Innovid platform, which the company says represents a third of all U.S. video investment. It highlights the changes in video ad campaign impressions, engagement week-over-week, impressions by publisher type and device.

In its most recent report, from the week of April 12-18, Innovid iQ showed that CTV ad impressions surpassed mobile, accounting for 43% of global video impressions compared to mobile devices’ 39%. Traditional broadcast publishers led the growth, accounting for 82% of total CTV impressions, per Innovid.

“Beyond the share-shift toward CTV, this milestone crowns CTV as the single largest device category,” said Zvika Netter, CEO and co-founder of Innovid. “This means that when marketers are running campaigns in digital video, they must keep in mind that most impressions will run on TV and adjust their mindsets and creative for that.”

For more information, visit Innovid’s website (opens in new tab)