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In Touch Ministries adds Autoscript prompters to Sony HDC 1500 cameras

Behind the scenes of In Touch Ministries’ weekly television program “In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley,” production has become more comfortable and efficient thanks to the addition of teleprompters from Autoscript.

An easy-to-use solution, Autoscript LED 19 +TFT+ (LED19TFT) teleprompters have enabled In Touch to convey important messaging clearly despite bright lights, distance and other common challenges faced on a sound stage.

Used with Sony HDC 1500 high-definition cameras, Vinten Vector 70 pan heads and Vinten Quartz pedestals, the LED19TFT systems assist Stanley with the informational studio portion of his television show, as well as reading viewer emails during the “Ask Dr. Stanley” segment.

Featuring 1000 nits of brightness, the LED19TFT uses the latest in Autoscript’s illumination technology, the TFT (thin-film transistor) LED system, offering instant warm-up to full brightness.