IBC2014 New Products, A-I

AMSTERDAMTV Technology is combing through the veritable Niagara Falls of IBC press releases for new technology and product introductions. No updates, demos or highlights are included here for the sake of information manageability, but select ones have been published separately. We apologize to anyone who is left out, and welcome feedback from show-goers on cool stuff and interesting observations. Behold, the “A’s.”

Aaton-Digital Brings Cantar-X3 Recorder, 5-inch OLED Monitor
Aaton-Digital is showing the new 24 track Cantar-X3 recorder, left, and a new 5-inch OLED monitor at the booth 11.F31. Deliveries will begin for existing orders this fall. New orders will deliver Q1 in the new year.

Anevia Introduces ViaMotion Infinite Multiscreen nPVR
Anevia said its new ViaMotion Infinite nPVR system enables deployment of “unlimited” networked personal video recording services to their subscribers watching on a television receiver, tablet computer or mobile phone, at home or while traveling. ViaMotion Infinite optimizes storage and CDN caching ratios by allowing users to share the same data fragments, and is compatible both with NAS and Cloud storage technology.

Angénieux Unveils Wide-Angle Optimo Anamorphic Lens, Servo Unit
Angénieux brings its new Optimo 30-72mm A2S new wide angle Optimo Anamorphic lens, right. Following the Optimo 56-152mm A2S launched in 2013, the Optimo 30-72mm A2S is a second lens in the series of three planned. The optical design of the Optimo A2S lenses weaves in cylindrical and spherical optical elements in the rear group in order to achieve a 2x squeeze of the image on the horizontal axis. The Angénieux Servo Unit is a 0.7 kg lens servo motorization system for control of zoom, focus and iris.

Apantac Showcases 4K Converters
Apantac is launching its new family of 4K converters to the European marketplace at IBC: The Micro-4K 4K-to-HD down-converter and the Micro-4K-DP 4K-to-Display Port 1.2 converter. They are part of Apantac’s Crescent line of signal processing solutions.

Aspera Debuts Aspera On Demand
Aspera is debuting its expanded Aspera On Demand platform with the new Auto-scaling Transfer Platform that automatically scales and expands transfer capacity of the Aspera server software in the cloud,FASPStream APIs for transporting live feeds over WANS in real time, the latest version of Orchestrator file format validator and the Collaboration Suite for big data.

Archimedia QuSee Suite
Archimedia brings QuSee Suite, a family of tools to inspect and measure video, audio, and metadata for broadcast, post production, A/V, mastering, and distribution.

ARRI Introduces New Lens Data Options

ARRI is unveiling its new Lens Data Encoder LDE-1, extending the functionality of the Electronic Control
System.Incorporating an encoder that delivers data indicating the position of the lens ring to which it is attached, the LDE-1 can be used in parallel with a manual follow focus unit or a third-party wireless lens control system. It allows lens data to be generated in situations when an ALEXA Plus or Studio (or a UMC-4) is being used without an ARRI lens motor or an LDS lens.

Atomos Rolls Out Power Station, Shipping Version of Shogun 4K Deck
Power Station is a dual battery device with connections to power up to three DC devices and two USB devices simultaneously. Dual DC outputs and included splitter cable allow powering of up to three DC devices on the rig. Max output is 5 W. Atomos is also bringing the shipping version of its 4K Shogun recording deck to the show.

ATX Launches VersAtivePro License-Free Transcoding
ATX Networks has launched its new VersAtivePro professional transcoding platform. VersAtivePro, handles switching HDs to SDs or vice-versa, and migrating from primary to redundant units. VersAtivePro devices are manageable by ATX’s Video Management System, which provides centralized, clusterable control of video services run though VersAtive Pro units.

Aviwest Launches DMNG Manager

Aviwest is launching the DMNG Manager, a new server application that enables monitoring and management of a complement of digital mobile newsgathering equipment, including DMNG transmitters, smartphones using the DMNG APP, and DMNG Studio receivers. The DMNG Manager includes a rack-mount Linux server with a software license that supports hundreds of devices.

Axon’s Cerebrum Gets European Debut
Axon is launching its Cerebrum monitoring and control software in the European market. Cerebrum delivers the customizable control and monitoring interface for a wide range of routers, production switchers, servers, receiver decoders, multiviewers and waveform monitors, using either Simple Network Management Protocol or third-party protocols. Axon is also launching a loudness monitoring and logging option for TRACS and a foldable flypack.

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