IBC2006 to open amid environment of rapid technological change

IBC2006 opens this week with a special focus on some of the hottest technology and business issues to confront the industry in years.

Mobile TV, Digital Cinema, HDTV and IPTV are but a few of the issues taking center stage at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam this week. As testament to the growing importance of these topics, additional space and time is being devoted to many of these critical topics.

For instance, the Mobile Zone at IBC2006 will be twice the size of last year’s zone. It will bring together many of the key players making Mobile TV a reality, including the applications developers, content providers and technology companies seeking to set the pace for this emerging discipline.

IBC2006 will also provide those visitors with a better perspective on Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). This year, the convention will devote sessions on Thursday, Sept. 7, and Sunday, Sept. 10, to IPTV.

On the HD front, IBC2006 will explore how to produce for HD, attracting an audience to HD productions and the technology behind the manufacturing of HDTV. The convention will also offer attendees a chance to view some of the leading HD productions, including 1080/50p content from Scandinavia.

Digital Cinema also takes center stage at the convention with the presentation of footage shot using the Red Digital Cinema 4K camera. Attendees will also see the best in Digital Cinema as presented with the latest projection technology from Christie Digital and Sony.

For more information, visit: www.ibc.org.