IBC2006 New Product Preview, Part 4

SintecMedia OnAir Tools

SintecMedia will be showing the Revenue and Inventory Management tool for realtime interactive reporting and graphical analysis, which gives users access to more information to inform decision making, and allows analysis at the individual channel level or across multiple channels.

Mulitcampaign Promo Optimization uses algorithms to optimize the placement of multiple promo campaigns according to the user's predefined goals, such as required audience, amount of promo airtime or number of spots. Streaming of video and data in parallel to regular events is possible with the eTV set of management tools. Using the tools, OnAir could schedule one or more additional streams during a sporting event, for example, enabling the viewer to switch cameras, view statistics or player profiles and watch side documentaries.

IBC Stand 2.330

Snell & Wilcox Quasar Ph.C Motion Compensated Broadcast Upconverter, Helios & Hyperion

The Quasar Ph.C HDTV upconverter integrates Snell and Wilcox's motion estimation technology, along with premium HD upconversion technology and Prefix compression preprocessing for noise reduction and dropout filtering, in a 1RU package.

Combining the Ph.C motion estimation and FormatFusion technologies, the software-based Helios conversion platform analyzes the component parts that make up the video picture, ensuring quality on mobile devices. Users can then master once and distribute to platforms as diverse as mobile video, VOD, IPTV, iPods, and broadcast television, without loss of quality.

The Hyperion automated monitoring solution uses intuitive processing algorithms that act like human eyes and ears to form educated opinions about the quality of the audio, video and metadata signal reaching viewers.

IBC Stand 8.271

Streambox SBT3-7500 & SBT3-7400 ACT-L3 Transports

Built on Streambox's ACT-L3 codec, the SBT3-7500 video transport solution for mobile satellite newsgathering is integrated in one portable device that features a lower power requirement than other systems. The SBT3-7500 matches MPEG-2 video quality at a 75% lower data rate, and it is up to 50% more efficient than MPEG-4.

SBT3-7400 is a bidirectional, full-featured, low-latency encoding and decoding conferencing solution, also using the ACT-L3 codec. In addition to its 24/7 plug-and-connect realtime transport capabilities, which deliver stunning full-motion, full-frame interlaced broadcast video and audio, the full duplex encoder/decoder system enables the user to send and receive video and audio simultaneously.

IBC Stand 4.354

TC Electronic Loudness Control Software for DTV Products

TC Electronic has released version 1.60 software for the company's DB-4, DB-8 and P2 DTV audio processors. Designed to answer the age-old question "Why are the commercials so loud?", version 1.60 includes a new breakthrough technology called Grid Loudness Limiter. This technology looks at the "perceived" loudness of the incoming signal and takes appropriate action to adjust the audio level. Version 1.60 is available free for product owners as a download from the TC Electronic website.

Grid was developed in cooperation with broadcast organizations and academic communities and was the result of a yearlong investigation into measuring and controlling loudness rather than merely level. It can be used for both realtime transmission as well as server ingest and complements and automates loudness control in environments based on recent ITU recommendations. With Grid, broadcast engineers now have a tool they can use to achieve an overall perceived loudness target, as measured by meters like the Dolby LM100.

IBC Stand 8.189

Tektronix MTS4EA ES Analyzer 5.0, WFM6100, WFM7000 and WFM7100 waveform monitors & RTX130A

Version 5.0 of the MTS4EA ES Analyzer now features extensive audio analysis. There is an AV Delay Measurement feature and Audio Analysis, which checks for standards compliance and quickly provides easy-to-understand performance analysis.

Tektronix will be showcasing their new family of multi-format waveform monitors, the WFM6100, WFM7000 and WFM7100. These monitors offer a wide range of configurations and upgrades, and industry-first capabilities for the migration to complete HD/SD SDI and digital audio. CapturVu, a feature of the WFM6100 and WFM7100, captures an entire frame of video data on the occurrence of a trigger event like gamut alarms.

The RTX130A integrated MPEG and RF signal generator offers unmodulated and RF modulated playout of MPEG transport streams in both cable and terrestrial standards.

IBC Stand 9.429

Telecast Fiber Viper II 6000 Series, G2 Copperhead, SCAMP, Adder II Series & MX Connector

Telecast will be launching the new Viper II 6000 Series of RoHS-compliant modules, power supplies and frames, including products for SDI/HD-SDI transport, bi-directional SDI/HD-SDI transport, dual stream HD and SDI plus dual AES.

Also showcased at IBC will be the G2 Copperhead camera-mounted transceiver solution. This modular system is available in several configurations including 40-pin SD, 50-pin HD/SDI, component/composite analog ENG, and digital 'cine,' and can be converted by simply changing input/output 'sleds.'
The SCAMP optical repeater and power amplifier for SMPTE 311 hybrid cables can be installed in the middle of a cable run, drawing power from the SMPTE cable. It's equipped with inline optical power meters.

The Adder II Series in a single-box analog and digital audio trunking solution for larger point-to-point audio applications. The series can handle analog and digital AES audio while converting between them and has an integrated signal generator and analyzer plus facilities for data and intercom and optical redundancy.

Available in two- and four-fiber configurations, Telecast's MX connector provides high performance, small size and easy cleaning.

IBC Stand 10.428

TSL AMU HD range, In-Monitor-Display system

When migrating SD audio and video monitoring to HD, TSL's AMU range helps out with built-in video monitoring quality which enables monitor-quality downconversion of HD video signals of any standard resolution.

The all-new In-Monitor-Display system allows dynamic UMD information and dual tallies to be displayed directly in-picture on flat screen monitors. The system is a fully-integrated TallyMan addition and provides a new monitoring option somewhere between multiviewers and traditional separate UMD's.

IBC Stand 10.249

Utah Scientific MC-400 Master Control Switcher, KP-400 Dual-Channel Key Processor & UCP-MM Multi-Mode Control Panel

The MC-400 is a master control and channel-branding module designed to fit in an output slot on a UTAH-400 router and featuring dual keyers, internal logo and audio clip stores and full audio and video mixing functionality. Users can control the MC-400 using the MCP-400, a 2RU control panel designed to match the switcher's functions, or by the MC-2020.

Utah Scientific's KP-400 is based on the MC-400's design and offers two independent HD/SD keyers with full preview capabilities. The board can be installed in a UTAH-400 output slot, and a 1RU control panel provides access to all key adjustment and operational controls.

Also being shown is the UCP-MM Multi-Mode Control Panel, a fully programmable router control panel. The UCP-MM has user-selectable operating modes such as multi-bus, X-Y and direct-take, and it features dynamically re-legendable buttons and touch-screen LCD displays.

IBC Stand 2.210

Volicon RPM

Volicon is introducing their RPM (Remote Program Monitor) for MSO and cable operators, which can be used to monitor the quality of their broadcasts in central and remote unmanned headend facilities. The RPM can record 500 or more video channels and monitor them for signal integrity, notifying the operator of problems by email or SMS.

The RPM can also record problem content for later review, with the capability to stream it over the Internet for viewing on a Windows-based PC.

IBC Stand 9.247