Holophone Unveils New Line of Mics

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Holophone, innovators in multi-channel surround microphone technology, is introducing a new line of single-channel stage and studio microphones. Designed for live, recording and broadcast applications, the company says these mics are both powerful and customizable.

The Super C handheld supercardioid condenser is the first in the new line of customizable performance mics. Combining ruggedness and low handling noise with ergonomic comfort, it features the same capsule technology employed in the company’s surround microphones.

Holophone's Super C series has a retro-modern look and a balanced ergonomic design, and the user is also able to quickly customize the mic's appearance. Each casing, windscreen and grille can be changed to a wide range of custom colors, providing visual versatility and hygienic assets.

“We believe vocal performers and musicians want a more personalized, unique, and comfortable solution for their instrument,” said Holophone President and Founder Michael Godfrey.

“Individuality and uniqueness are what they're going to find in our products, backed up by world leading sonic quality and excellence in design,” said CEO Jonathan Godfrey.