Hi-Def Opera Kicks Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Mimi and Rodolfo out-grossed the Glimmer Twins in the box office last weekend, according the early numbers from Variety. Alert reader Mark Schubin noted that The Metropolitan Opera’s cinemacast of Puccini’s “La Boheme” pulled in $2.6 million, while Martin Scorsese’s documentary about the Rolling Stones, “Shine A Light,” took in about $1.5 million.

What’s perhaps more interesting than the gross receipts (and clearly contributory) is the number of domestic theaters each was shown in. The Stones doc was released in 276 theaters, some of them Imax locations. “La Boheme,” the story of poverty-stricken lovers in early 19th century Paris, was shown in 469 theaters in North America, as well as “19 Princess Cruise Ships,” according to Variety.

It should be noted that alert reader Mark Schubin is also Television Broadcast contributor Mark Schubin, as well as long-time Met engineer, Mark Schubin. Schubin will be appearing at NAB everywhere, brandishing hot pepper trousers and a t-shirt extolling Thoth, the god of journalism.