HBO selects Miranda’s multiviewers for new HD studio

HBO has installed a pair of Kaleido-X multiviewer monitoring systems from Miranda Technologies at its new HD studio in New York City. The new studio is a one-stop shop for shooting, editing, graphics, color correction, dubbing and all forms of signal processing.

Two Kaleido-X multiviewers are used to feed 12 monitors across the facility, with large panel displays in the production, video/lighting, tape and audio rooms. Multiviewer outputs can also be routed to other areas within the studio, including the stage floor and edit rooms.

The Miranda multiviewer system interfaces to HBO’s main Grass Valley Trinix router to help simplify daily router crosspoint changes. Each multiviewer video window has multiple source and destination UMD labels that display the source label at any given destination, as well as destinations for any given source. This helps operators easily locate available facility devices, and also helps avoid routing signals to and from devices that are already in use.

The multiviewer system uses many of Kaleido-X’s alarm capabilities, including video loss, audio peaking and video format change. The multiviewer automatically displays video in the correct format, regardless of the type of feed going into the production switcher.