Harris Corporation NAB2006 Preview

In response to consumer interest in high-definition (HD) broadcasting and broadcaster demands for content delivery solutions, Harris Corporation will present the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of content delivery products and solutions at NAB2006. Harris will showcase the breadth and depth of the company's Total Content Delivery portfolio, bolstered by the addition of Leitch's extensive HD television products and the newest applications of the H-Class Content Delivery Platform. Harris offerings encompass solutions for ingest, digital asset management, traffic, scheduling, automation and TV transmitters. With the addition of Leitch products serving professional and broadcast video companies, Harris also offers systems for news post-production, branding and graphics, storage and servers, routing and distribution, signal processing, signal management, and test and measurement.

At NAB 2006, Harris will show how it is assimilating these reliable, proven solutions and emerging with a comprehensive technology set for enabling the new media model: delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Harris is also expanding its reach by offering products and solutions for several key market segments including broadcast television and call-letter stations, content originators, multi-channel and multi-service providers, video and post-production.

"The market is changing faster than ever before with emerging requirements for HD, mobile TV, IPTV and enterprise-class solutions," said Jeremy Wensinger, president of Harris Broadcast Communications Division. "Consumers are highly engaged in determining how, when and where they will want to consume rich media. Harris plans to be there with the right solution that helps our customers compete in this new broadcast environment."

NAB attendees will find Harris solutions at two booth locations this year. The NAB South Hall booth (SU2929) will feature a host of new products and in-depth demonstrations of solutions to create, manage and distribute content. These include:

* Leitch non-linear editing for production and comprehensive newsroom solutions and video servers
* Leitch master control and branding solutions, along with multi-viewers
* Leitch signal processing infrastructure, monitoring and control systems
* Leitch portfolio of routing solutions for small, mid-sized and large routing applications
* Videotek test and measurement equipment
* Inscriber graphics and digital signage systems
* H-Class Content Delivery Platform, highlighting H-Class Airtime Sales, H-Class Scheduling, H-Class Digital Asset Management, H-Class Media Ingest, H-Class Playout Automation and H-Class Intelligent Transport
* New features for ADC and D-Series Playout Automation Solutions

The Leitch portfolio complements Harris' existing management and networking solutions, uniquely enabling broadcasters to work more productively and derive more value from assets that traverse increasingly complex media supply chains.

Harris' NAB Central Hall booth (C807) will feature demonstrations of solutions that distribute and deliver both audio and video content. These include:

* Transmission systems for television, radio and mobile TV
* HD Radio solutions
* Studio consoles and equipment, studio-to-transmitter links, and studio-to-studio audio transport.

Harris Products and Services Enabling Total Content Delivery Include:

Create: Graphics, editing, radio consoles.
Manage: Servers, content delivery platform, playout automation, traffic, scheduling, airtime sales, digital asset management.
Distribute: Routers, master control and branding, processors, digital signage, networking equipment.
Deliver: Test and measurement, monitoring and control, TV and radio transmission, transmission for mobile TV.