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Grass Valley Releases Newest Version of Ignite

Grass Valley announced the release of the newest version of their Ignite automated production platform, featuring full compatibility with the Calrec brand of audio mixing consoles.

An upgrade to version 6.1 is available to existing Ignite users, enabling the added support of external audio control. The system supports Calrec’s Sigma, Omega, Alpha and Zeta console lines as well as consoles from Yamaha and Wheatstone. Ignite’s built-in control features from the Klotz audio console, including cross fading, back-up sources and automation panel access, would be accessible on a third-party board.

Grass Valley recognized the widespread use of Calrec audio gear throughout the industry, and added this compatibility into Ignite’s newest release so the ability to mix audio or hardware investment wasn’t compromised.

Version 6.1 lets users change between primary and backup faders, using backup faders long-term without usual modifications, and can also control the fader level of input channels, group and VCA masters and switch pre-fader listen on or off for a particular channel, group, main or VCA master fader.

Ignite will be showcased at Grass Valley’s NAB Show booth.