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Grass Valley offers new content management software for live sports production

Grass Valley is now offering new software that allows non-technical producers and production staff members to mange the voluminous amount of audio and video files captured during a live sports event. The K2 Dyno Production Assistant can be used to establish rules to automatically move content to locations for editors to use, even while a live production is in process.

This suite of applications enables users familiar with common business applications to easily keep track of and manage media assets on-location. The end result is that any level of production can be accomplished with greater efficiencies, while benefiting from a more polished look and feel, both during and after an event.

K2 Dyno Production Assistant can coordinate management of content from multiple users all working together in a collaborative manner. Each user workspace can be configured to provide just the tools required to complete assigned tasks, and users have the ability to browse clips and record inputs on any K2 Summit or K2 Solo server. If desired, users also can have control over multiple K2 server channels for recording, reviewing and playing out of material.

Users can create metadata grids off-line in advance of an event to tag critical information, such as names and relevant event action types. The metadata tags can then be easily distributed to the Grass Valley K2 Dyno replay controller. Metadata can be logged and added during an event, as well as saved along with the content and easily repurposed.

Content stored on a network can be viewed, aggregated and then sent to removable storage or network destinations using user-selectable, automated rules. Using the captured metadata, users can search for content, create new subclips and build complete playlists.

The new Grass Valley K2 Dyno Production Assistant can also be integrated into all types of nonlinear editing workflows. Edit systems such as the Grass Valley EDIUS, Final Cut Pro and Media Composer can be networked to K2 server clients, making file transfers fast and easy. With the EDIUS and Final Cut Pro NLEs, they can also be configured to directly edit in place. Metadata can be sent to Final Cut Pro workstations and interchanged to use when searching for material.