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Google Targets TV Ads

MOUNTAINVIEW, CALIF.: Google is forming an alliance with a New York company that customizes TV ads to offer targeted spots. Google will use the ad-tailoring software of Visible World in its Google TV Ad platform, allowing clients to dynamically customize and target ads. Google TV Ads is the automated auction cybermarket for buying and selling TV time. Visible World software facilitates changes in graphics, music and scripting, as well as switching out ads on the fly based on performance. Google TV Ads clients include Priceline, Lenovo, and Jenny Craig.

Google TV Ad users will have access to Visible World’s “automated-message optimization engine to deliver the most relevant messages to the target audience,” the New York software maker said. “Advertisers will be able to automate multiple creative messages featuring a variety of offers, products and search terms based on the target audience, context differences and media performance data provided by the new online and set-top-box metrics.”
-- Deborah D. McAdams