Globelynx upgrades London camera sites

Globelynx has successfully delivered its first HDTV broadcast in collaboration with Colt, a European information delivery platform.

Globelynx and Colt provided Sky News with a live HD feed from the trading floor of the CMC Markets offices in London, allowing its presenter to deliver hourly live reports throughout the market day for a special feature on the city.

A permanent Colt link connects CMC Markets to Globelynx’s master control switch using uncompressed, high-capacity 1.5GB broadcast circuits over its London metro network. The solution is specially designed to transmit HD content, which requires a five-fold increase in bandwidth compared to SD content.

With its fixed camera network, Globelynx enables real-time, live TV interviews direct from the business and financial sectors without the expense of satellite truck deployment or travel by interviewees to studios.