German News Channel Launches New Studio With Clear-Com Digital Communications

(Image credit: Clear-Com)

BERLIN—WELT, a German news channel, has launched broadcasts from its new Axel Springer Building in a new broadcast studio that features innovative workflows and IP-based production.

WELT News Channel provides at least 14 hours per day of live breaking news coverage from all over the world.

As part of its IP production orientation, WELT has deployed a communications system based on the Clear-Com Eclipse HX digital matrix, FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom and V-Series Iris panels. Clear-Com’s Germany-based partner MCI designed and supplied the communications solution as part of the elaborate studio design.

With planning beginning three years ago, the goal was to enable as much flexibility as possible to accommodate everchanging broadcast requirements. To ensure smooth communications for the complex functions of the new 1,900-square-foot studio, an Eclipse Median Frame with integrated FreeSpeak II and V-Series Iris panels was installed, the company said.

“With the broadcast industry trending toward AoIP, it was very important for the new studio to be outfitted for AES67 workflows,” said Martin Koops, senior project engineer at MCI. “The studio’s Clear-Com Eclipse Median frame can scale up to 448 ports, is equipped with Dante ports, AES67 ports and can connect to other devices over IP.” 

WELT’s FreeSpeak II wireless system is connected to Eclipse via E-IPA cards, and V-Series Iris user panels with built-in IP connectivity to Eclipse are placed around the studio.

With Dynam-EC (opens in new tab), Eclipse HX’s management software, the station can see a live view of its intercom routing and role assignments, providing the agility needed for a news station reporting in real time, the company said. 

Dynam-EC can be used to manage N-1s, IFBs for cueing, conferences and to switch SIP ports online in real time. SIP management is an important aspect of Dynam-EC’s capabilities with the ability to dial and set up external lines via the SIP ports and to switch them dynamically to the Clear-Com Iris panels according to production requirements, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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