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Geffen intros new modular extenders

For use with fiber optic cables, Gefen has introduced two modular extenders for applications where high-resolution monitors using DVI connections must be mounted or located away from the base computer.

Distances up to 12 kilometers (approx. 7.5 miles) can be reached using single- or multi-mode fiber optic cables eliminating any possible EMI (electromagnetic interference).

The DVI FM-1500 delivers high resolution (1920x1200) DVI using a single- or multi-mode fiber optic cable terminated in SC connectors. Two small transceivers are connected at local and remote locations, linked by a single strand of fiber optic cable. Virtual EDID programming ensures a constant synching of the video source to the monitor used in the system.

The DVI FM-2000 delivers high-resolution (3840x2400) dual link DVI signals using two fiber-optic cables terminated in SC connectors, reaching 12 kilometers in distance. The use of two fiber optic cables ensures the integrity of delivery without signal quality loss.

Integrators who have to transfer signals between buildings and other large-scale installations can now benefit from a reliable selection of extenders for DVI that don’t rely on a network system, the company said.