Gas Station TV Reports Record 27 Million Monthly Impressions

NEW YORK: Gas Station TV, the fuel-pump programmer, said it’s getting more than 26 million impression a month. The numbers are provided through Nielsen “Pocketpiece” technology. GSTV says next month likely will push 27 million with new stations coming online this week.

“Gas Station TV continues to demonstrate its leadership in away-from-home television measurement,” said stated Paul Lindstrom, senior vice president of Nielsen Media Research. “GSTV pioneered not only measurement in the gas digital media space, but individual market measurement for all Nielsen On Location companies.”

Gas Station TV’s Pocketpiece reports are said to resemble typical Nielsen reports for traditional television networks. The data indicates people spend four-and-a-half to five minutes per visit to the gas pump; 76 percent are ages 18 to 49; 55 percent are male; 85 percent have a some post-secondary education, and 95 percent “noticed the GSTV screens when refueling.”

GSTV delivers programming from ESPN, NBCU and AccuWeather on pump-top LCDs. The company broadcasts to stations in 100 markets in about 30 states.