Gamma & Density, da Vinci Systems collaborate on interoperability

Gamma & Density, developer of Cinematographer's Color Correction Process (3cP), and da Vinci Systems are collaborating to ensure that 3cP is fully interoperable with Resolve and 2K Plus systems.

Gamma & Density’s 3cP is a laptop-based system that allows cinematographers or directors of photography to make color-grading decisions on set. Settings can then be accurately passed on to the dailies timer and to the colorist directly involved with post production. Using 3cP, everyone in the post-production environment has a precise preview of color decisions for dailies, prepost, matching special effects and digital intermediate (DI) final color grading.

The system works with film, DI, video (NTSC/PAL) and HD productions to perform on-set color correction with live settings, which are saved to a USB memory stick as ASC CDL XML files for transfer to the Resolve suite for finishing.

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