Game Creek Video purchases Calrec Alpha and Sigma Digital Audio Desks for new multiunit HD truck

Calrec Audio has announced the sale of two digital audio desks to Game Creek Video. The mobile production company is installing a 96-fader Alpha along with a 64-fader Sigma, both of which feature Calrec's Bluefin high-density signal processing system, into a new four-unit HD truck for FOX Sports.

The multiunit truck will be used by FOX Sports to cover NFL and NASCAR events, with the Alpha providing the main audio support for all coverage, and the Sigma being used on a support unit for the effects submix for NASCAR. The consoles will be required to handle a large number of feeds from a variety of sources — amounting to more than 300 channels for a given event, including 160 stereo channels and approximately 150 others.

Bluefin technology doubles the processing power without increasing system size. With the Alpha, for example, Bluefin provides up to 480 mono-equivalent channels on one DSP card, with full EQ and dynamics. It also allows for up to 78 full 5.1 surround-sound channels.

With Bluefin technology, less heat is generated and less power consumed as well. System resilience is provided by 100 percent redundancy of all processing elements on a second card. Both the cards can be located on an existing digital I/O rack, which saves space by removing the need for a DSP rack.

Game Creek Video launched its new HD truck with the Calrec Alpha console earlier this month, and the Sigma went on the road the second week of September. The addition of the Alpha and Sigma consoles to the new HD truck makes a total of nine Calrec consoles purchased for Game Creek's fleet since 1996 — three analog desks and six digital desks.

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