Game Creek Video Announces Its Largest Growth Year on Record

New production system introduced
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HUDSON, N.H. —Game Creek Video said 2014 will be its largest on record in 21 years. Exciting highlights include the construction of one of the largest mobile production unit, a full IP routing infrastructure in a mobile facility, 11 new units and 30 new jobs.

At the core of Game Creek’s recent growth are three new long-term mobile facility agreements with Fox Sports, ESPN and NBC Sports Group. Game Creek said it has reinvested over $75 million on new technology initiatives in the past year.

Over the past 12 months, Game Creek Video has also added 11 mobile production units to its existing fleet for a total of 44 units. Five other units were upgraded. Since 2010, Game Creek has built 15 production facilities with 3G infrastructure, all with the ability to accommodate a 4K production.

Game Creek has hired 30 new employees in production management, human resources, transportation, engineering and technology development. Many will work out of the renovated and expanded headquarters in Hudson.