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Front Porch Digital introduces all-in-one migration path for legacy videotape

Making its international debut at this year’s IBC is Front Porch Digital's DIVAsolo, an all-in-one migration path from legacy videotape to content storage management and archiving on secure, high-density data tape. DIVAsolo is a compact, turnkey solution that joins three proven technologies: SAMMA Solo, which performs large-scale, real-time videotape migration to multiple essence formats; DIVAworks, which combines an LTO-4-based data tape library with Front Porch Digital's flagship product, DIVArchive, for managing storage and security of digital files; and DIVAdirector, which enables metadata management and the intuitive search, proxy browsing and management of stored digital content from user desktops.

A reliable, scalable and cost-effective system for migrating archives of all sizes, DIVAsolo enables content owners to rid themselves of the headaches associated with videotape management and introduces an infrastructure that preserves file-based assets and makes them easy to access and repurpose.

Front Porch Digital also now offers Unicode support for the entire family of SAMMA products including SAMMA Solo. Packaged in a compact, turnkey, single-stream solution, the SAMMA Solo system makes it easy to convert even the largest videotape collections to digital files. With Unicode support, SAMMA Solo will offer local language support in any country in the world.

SAMMA Solo watches over the entire migration operation automatically, monitoring the process and implementing quality standards frame by frame. It converts videotape in real time to as many as five simultaneous digital files including MXF-wrapped JPEG2000, MPEG-2, QuickTime, H.264 (MPEG-4), Flash, MPEG-1, AVC, Windows Media and Real Media.