Free Streaming Platform VUit Builds Content Offering

(Image credit: VUit)

MARION, Iowa—The free, ad-supported national streaming platform VUit today said it has added Weather Metrics Vision, a hyperlocal weather programmer.

The new content, also known as WM Vision, is now available on VUit. It will bring live content and timelapse videos of weather to viewers from around the nation. 

VUit also announced the availability of Small Batch Session, which will feature top musical talent in the U.S. Fashion vodcaster Mermaid Soup, which is expected to launch soon, will report on the latest fashion trends coming out of Los Angeles. 

The streaming service also announced a deal with the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich., that will soon bring historical automotive industry content to the platform.

VUit, which launched last year, has captured viewer interest in hyperlocal news and programming. One example is the Big Rig Challenge from Onaway Speedway in Michigan. It attracted viewers from 50 markets. Similarly, high school football from Eastern Iowa garnered fans for more than 100 markets. Another example is the start of Iditarod 2021 from Anchorage, which drew viewers from 178 markets, it said.

The streaming service carries more than 200 local TV channels as well as a range of themed, curated feature channels.

“We continue to see an appetite for locally-focused programming, well beyond news events, with viewers tuning into shows across the arts, culture, and sports produced out of local markets across the country.  With the addition of these new programs, we’re looking forward to providing viewers with an even closer look at the rich tapestry that makes up our towns around the U.S.,” said Jack Perry, founder and CEO of Syncbak.

The service is available on all major streaming platforms and devices, including mobile and desktop, web, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and AppleTV.

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Phil Kurz

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