FOX Purchases Panasonic Systems For 720p

Secaucus, NJ--FOX Network’s engineering and operations team has purchased eight Panasonic AJ-HD3700B D-5 HD mastering VTRs to be used for 720p HDTV recording in its network operations. The primary application for the D-5 HD VTRs will be to record for archive the upcoming season’s broadcasts of NFL football games, including the 2005 Super Bowl, one of the network’s key sport franchises, all of which are being produced by FOX for the first time in the 720p HD format.
These D-5 HD VTRs are in addition to those FOX purchased last year for its network operations in Los Angeles, primarily used for accepting network programs delivered by producers and produced in the 720p HD format that airs on FOX.
FOX will also install the new AJ-HD3700B VTRs at the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles, and as of September 12, 2004, FOX will convert all of its network operations to the 720p HD format. At that time, the network will distribute at least half of its primetime schedule in HD, as well as six regular-season NFL games per Sunday, and all post-season NFL games, including Super Bowl XXXIX. This fall, the network will also air an HD broadcast of the World Series, and will televise NASCAR’s Daytona 500 in HD next February.
"The D-5 HD machine is the optimum machine to use to archive our NFL coverage in the 720p HD format, just as progressive scanning is the optimum format for capturing high-quality, crystal-clear images of the fast-moving sports action of the NFL," commented Andrew G. Setos, president, engineering, FOX Group.
"FOX is a leader in the advancement of technology in sports broadcasting, and Panasonic is delighted that the network has chosen D-5 HD and expanded its commitment to the format," said John Baisley, president, Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems. "The availability of a full slate of NFL games in HD on FOX every Sunday is certainly a boon for sports fans."
Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems