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Ford Repeats Itself on Gas Station TV

NEW YORK: Ford is doing an ad campaign with Gas Station TV where the contents of spots are repeated in a format the two call, “Echo Ads.” GSTV, the company that outfitted gas pumps with TV screens, says the Echo Ad is “a strategically placed 5- or 10-second spot that runs in addition to the advertiser's initial 15- or 30-second spot during the Gas Station TV network programming experience,” answering the question, “eh?”

Ford is launching a campaign in the format for the 2010 Fusion, a hybrid vehicle touted its conservative gas consumption. GSTV says the short-form ads are as effective, if not more-so, than traditional 30-second spots.

GSTV, launched in 2006, has screens at around 1,000 stations in 100 designated market areas. Its 4.5 minute program wheel pulls from CBS, ESPN and AccuWeather. Nielsen measures GSTV though its out-of-home service, On Location.