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FOR-A to feature range of SD/HD products at GV Expo

Among the range of technology and systems to be shown at the upcoming Government Video & Technology Expo 2006 in December, FOR-A, will showcase the VPS-700 GINGA 1 M/E digital switcher.

Playing off its name “Ginga,” which means “Galaxy” in Japanese‚ the VPS-700 1 M/E digital switcher offers users a universe of capabilities. It includes frame synchronization for every input, up to 16 SD inputs and outputs, six keyers, six chroma keyers and six channels of 3D DVE. The switcher offers optional 2D DVE in every input, delivering up to 32 DVE channels and total flexibility for multisource productions. It supports the 525/60 and 625/50 SD formats and is ideal for mobile production and in-studio broadcasting applications.

Also shown will be the FA-128, which is one of the world's first 14-bit internal processing frame synchronizer, according to the company. It comes as a stand-alone unit or as a modular card (UFM-128FS). Prior to the FA-128, even the most high-end frame synchronizers were only able to offer 12-bit digital processing. The unit’s half-rack size makes it ideal for space-constrained installations, such as in mobile trucks and small production studios.

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