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FOR-A Scores Five Color Correction Sales at ABC, Disney, ESPN, NBC and MSNBC

FOR-A Corporation of America announces five major sales and shipments of its DCC-70HS multi-format, multi-standard (HD/SD) color correction system and DCC-700 serial digital color correction system to major East Coast-area broadcasters.

ESPN, based in Bristol, CT, recently received 12 DCC-70HS color correctors and 12 DCC-OU remote control units for the DCC-70HS. ABC Network in New York just installed five DCC-70HS color correction systems and two DCC-OU remote control units. NBC Network in New York just selected four DCC-70HS, which were delivered shortly after the purchase. Disney’s Times Square Studios recently purchased 12 DCC-70HS color correction systems for its new HD studio in Times Square, New York City. Additionally, MSNBC, based in Secaucus, New Jersey, recently received two DCC-700 serial digital color correctors from FOR-A.

“We’re thrilled that such well known and technically progressive broadcasters as ABC, Disney’s Time Square Studios, ESPN, MSNBC, and NBC have put their trust in FOR-A for their color correction needs,” said Hiro Tanoue, Sales Manager/Eastern Region, FOR-A Corporation of America. “I’m confident that the versatility and reliability of our equipment will serve them all well in the future and that they’ll benefit from our advanced customer service.

“The DCC-70HS is the latest version within our color corrector family,” Tanoue added. “It’s perfect for facilities that use both HD and SD signals. And it’s ‘future-ready’ for facilities that use SD signals now and are planning to upgrade to HD shortly. The DCC-700 is a digital I/O system, providing balanced, differential, or sepia color enhancement of all types of video signals. It’s found considerable success within broadcast television and mobile truck applications.”

FOR-A color correction systems are in wide use throughout the country. Previously, ESPN bought 40 DCC-70HS units to install throughout its new HD Production Center. Recent broadcast customers of the DCC-700 include CNBC (18 units in three large production control rooms), Turner Entertainment (four units aboard a new HD production truck), and E! Entertainment (five DCC-700’s in its control room).

The cost-effective and compact DCC-70HS supports both SD and HD signals and is ideally suited for facilities where producing and distributing multi-format projects is critical to their business. This includes HD SDI: 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i; 720p/59.94 and 720p/60 and SD SDI: 525/60, 625/50.

Since the DCC-70HS is capable of processing signals in the 1080i and 720p HD formats, it is perfect for post facilities and mobile truck companies that often switch between the two for different clients. The color corrector also provides a secure upgrade for those customers producing content in SD today and plan to make the transition to HD in the future. It provides correction settings for up to 99 events and clip setting data memory of up to nine events, and separate control of Y&C white clip and Y black clip, processing presets, GPI auto recall presets during multiple source operations. The DCC-OU control panel can control up to four DCC-700 or DCC-70HS main units.

The DCC-700, a digital component I/O color corrector, provides 32-bit performance with 4:4:4 component processing for balanced, differential or sepia color correction. Users can select between separate R, G, B, white and black level controls or a single control to group adjust RGB color parameters by the same value. The DCC-700 enables separate control of Y and C white clips and Y black clip and process function control. The DCC-700 is capable of preset processing, and an optional GPI connector can be installed to enable the user to rapidly recall and apply preset signal processing sequentially during multiple signal source productions.