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Focus Enhancements boosts HD workflow at IBC2007

At IBC2007, Focus Enhancements showcased several new products, including QuickTime support for its PX-1 production media server. By offering native QuickTime file format support, Panasonic P2 users can ingest media assets directly from the Focus FS-100 DTE recorder in QuickTime or Panasonic P2 file formats.

Also shown was HD Video on Demand, an SD and HD VOD/streaming system that is centralized around the ProxSys PX family of media servers. HD Video on Demand joins live or scheduled playout, Web export, disk publish, and media player store and forward as ProxSys export options.

Focus also showed its HX-1 and HX-2 HD video switchers — ultra compact, broadcast quality HD and HD/SD video switchers with 1080i/50 and 720p/50 support; and the MCSDI-1 portable media converter, a portable converter that can interface low-cost HDMI camcorders to professional HD-SDI equipment.

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