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Fast Forward Video is relocating to a larger facility in Irvine in order to accommodate rapid growth and increased demand for its digital video recorder products. On Monday, March 23, the new corporate headquarters will be at 1151 Duryea Avenue, Irvine, Calif. 

FFV said its new location triples the company’s production capacity and accommodates its 40 percent increase in engineering resources over the past year. In addition, the new headquarters provides expanded facilities for FFV’s recently doubled sales staff, including a new demonstration and training room for use by both sales representatives and dealers.

“These are exciting times for our company; the new headquarters will support our current momentum as well as future growth,” said Hal J. Reisiger, president and CEO of FFV. “We are fortunate that while many other companies are retrenching we are able to invest in product development, sales and marketing, and facilities.”