FFV hard drive uses J2K compression

Fast Forward Video’s (FFV) Elite HD is the first camera-mounted digital video recorder and player to leverage the JPEG2000 compression codec for recording HD-SDI video signals.

The company said the Elite HD gives broadcasters a new option for recording high-quality video from any camera that provides an HD-SDI output at 1080i or 720p while simultaneously increasing record times, reducing recording media costs and streamlining workflow.

While other onboard camcorder recording systems use high-cost proprietary media and record using traditional MPEG-based compression systems, the Elite HD records the camera’s HD-SDI output using near-lossless J2K compression.

Designed to mount on the back of a camcorder or be used as a stand-alone DVR, the Elite HD accepts up to eight channels of embedded audio and records at data rates up to 100Mb/s. Video is recorded to a standard 2.5in hot-swappable SATA drive, which provides up to 10X more storage than onboard systems.

For more information, visit http://www.ffv.com/.