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Ferree Becomes COO of CPB; Rohrbach Named SVP of Communications

Ken Ferree is going to shape the Corporation for Public broadcasting. Ferree, who a week ago left his position as chief of the FCC's Media Bureau, is the new chief operating officer. He'll sharpen the organization's focus on the education, programming and technology needs of pubcasters, says CPB President/CEO Kathleen Cox, who held the position before she became CEO last summer.

Nancy Risque Rohrbach, a policy and communications executive, has joined CPB as senior VP for corporate and public affairs. She will oversee internal and external communications and its strategic effort to promote public broadcasting. In addition to serving almost eight years in senior positions in the White House, Rohrbach was director of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and earlier, senior VP for public and community relations at USAirways.

David Creekmore, CPB's senior director of business planning, will become VP, finance and administration.

(Radio World)