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Eyeon Software introduces a la carte pricing

Building on the launch of Fusion 6.0 this summer and the upcoming release of Generation 2.0, eyeon Software has introduced a new a la carte pricing structure for software purchases. The new pricing model will allow artists and facilities to select from a range of purchasing options, with a variety of upfront costs and annual subscription fees.

A la carte pricing is available for both Fusion and Generation, with a new “superscription” option for Fusion that includes both Imagica's keyer, Primatte(R) and RE:Vision Effect's optical-flow based retiming solution, Twixtor.

"Did the new pricing help us? Well, it allowed us to buy right now and not have to wait until the next installment on our project came in," said Chad Capeland, director of research and development at Anatomical Travelogue in New York City. "In the case of Generation, that was really important because we're building our whole pipeline around it, and we need to be able to do [research and development] on it. The new pricing allowed us to buy two copies, so we can have two people doing pipeline development: one doing I/O testing and the other doing scripting."

Anatomical Travelogue is currently working on an immersive 3-D venue project, including scented air jets and speakers built into the seat. "Generation 2 will give us the ability to review our sequences in stereo so we can make sure the edit continuity is preserved and no one gets motion sickness. We'll also be able to do all of our conforms in-house now, which will be a big timesaver for us," Capeland said.

For facilities tackling complex new projects, or simply trying to take their studio to the next level, the new pricing structure allows them to get on board with the latest software much more easily. "It's a big weight off my shoulders," Capeland said, "and we didn't have to pitch a big purchase to management."