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EVS intros Xedio edit-in-place features

EVS has added the field proven "edit-in-place” features of its Xedio timeline editor in its new Xedio Suite version 4.0 software.

With a simple linkup between Xedio CleanEdit laptop and external camcorders or drives, a field journalist or editor can start instantly true timeline editing operations without time-consuming media import.

Belgian news network RTL-TVi has successfully adopted the solution for ENG editing operations, using the new Sony SxS camcorder recording in XDCAM HD422. The software is for field journalists and editors looking for faster and easier ways to manage real-timeline operations right after shooting.

With the new “Edit-in-Place” feature of Xedio CleanEdit, any devices such as camcorders, drives or local storage can be linked up to the journalist laptop for immediate media reviewing and editing. With the “auto-discovery” embedded module, Xedio CleanEdit automatically detects all the media recorded on the third party device which can be reviewed, selected, cut and dropped on the timeline without media duplication.

Once editing is completed, a consolidated file can be transferred to the central storage, only importing necessary material from the local device. CleanEdit’s embedded transcoder means operations are managed on the fly during the transfer.