EVS extends XT2+ server capabilities

EVS XT[2]+ production servers have been upgraded with a number of new features that streamline live production and include the ability to work with the highest quality HD as well as 3-D productions. The company has announced that all of its servers now include its new DualPower technology, to provide four-channel 3-D (or 1080p HD) and 3-D SuperMotion configurations. The enhanced capabilities are now available on all standard systems.

Leveraging the new DualPower technology, a six-channel XT[2]+ server can now be instantly configured for live 3-D or 1080p productions with four in/out channels. 3-D/1080p recording and playout can be managed in single-link mode, based on 3Gbps connection, or in dual-link mode as two synchronized 1.5Gbps connections. In addition, the XT[2]+ platform offers the first-ever live 3-D SuperMotion control, enabling high-end live 3-D replay operations.

Pierre L'Hoest, CEO of EVS, said that his company has been working on a solution that will allow broadcasters to implement 3-D productions without having to overhaul their entire infrastructure. With the new 3-D/1080p capabilities, the XT[2]+ platform now becomes a fast and reliable solution that also provides a window of opportunity. The new system was demonstrated at IBC2010 in September.