Euphonix unveils fiber stage box for mobile production

Euphonix now offers a new modular remote audio interface featuring redundant fiber audio connectivity and control. The new solution connects multiple high-density stage boxes into the Euphonix DSP SuperCore via MADI over fiber with control directly from the console’s channel strips.

The 3RU stage box can handle up to 56 mic preamps that can be fitted with combinations of I/Os to match the exact requirements of a particular application. This includes analog, AES/EBU (75ohm, 110ohm), SDI and MADI. A second stage box can be fitted to provide analog or digital splits of the mic preamp outputs from the first stage box for feeding the local PA/monitor mixers.

The stage box connects to a local-side modular interface rack via redundant fiber. Each local-side box can manage multiple stage box connections for applications requiring hundreds of remote audio feeds. The local-side boxes connect to the Euphonix DSP SuperCore using MADI with integral remote control from the System 5 and Max Air console surface channel strips for the mic preamps.

Any of the currently available interface modules from the Euphonix Modular Converter System can be used in the stage box for a wide variety of custom configurations.

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