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Euphonix has tapped Martin Kloiber as its new chairman and chief technology officer.

In his new role, Kloiber will underline the importance of the company's technology and form strategic alliances. As the EVP of technology, he has been involved in the debut of System 5-MC and the MC products and in forming alliances with Steinberg and Merging Technologies.

Kloiber holds a degree in music and electronics, which served him well as an independent music produced and engineer starting in 1984 when we worked for Austrian broadcasters ORF.

He became familiar Euphonix in 1991 as its chief engineer for Soundproof Studios and selected a Euphonix CSII mixing system and then later a System 5 and the R-1 recorder for the facility. Kloiber joined the company in 2000 when he has hired as its EVP of technology and became a member of the board in 2002.