ESPN STAR Sports Employs SPSS Software to Assess Viewer Preference and Help Provide More Compelling Content

SPSS Inc., a leading worldwide provider of predictive analytics software, today announced that its technology enables ESPN STAR Sports to quickly identify the preferences of millions of viewers across Asia, including the fast-growing mobile audience, and then develop programming based on those results.

ESPN STAR Sports is a 50:50 joint venture between two of the world's leading cable and satellite broadcasters—ESPN Inc. and STAR. Combining the strengths and resources of its ultimate parent companies, Walt Disney (ESPN) and News Corporation Ltd. (STAR), ESPN STAR Sports is recognized as Asia's definitive and complete sports provider. ESPN reaches more than 139 million households; STAR Sports reaches over 65 million households.

Measuring exposure, both continuously and electronically, had previously been possible for ESPN STAR Sports across various Asian markets. Measuring engagement, however, including attitudes and perceptions, required a customized approach. ESPN STAR Sports also sought a method to reach more mobile viewers who weren't measured by the former method.

With SPSS software, ESPN STAR Sports is now able to survey Asian viewers simultaneously, regardless of location (home-based or mobile), in different languages, going directly into multi-level probing of what they saw, liked and interacted with, as well as measure their resultant attitudes toward brands associated with the broadcasts.

"We had long been capturing such information via focus groups and quantitative studies executed at local levels. We turned to SPSS' enterprise feedback management software to get this picture consistently and simultaneously across the diverse Asian geography, along with the ratings," said Anand Rego, Director of Research for ESPN STAR Sports.

"Such timely information is valuable not only to ESPN STAR Sports, but to our trade partners to create and enhance appropriate content. SPSS software also helps us complete the survey results in a timely fashion, especially as we broadcast the best of global sports on two channels, multiple beams and into over 25 Asian countries."

"The power of SPSS is providing ESPN STAR Sports with an easy and effective way to reach out to its viewers," said SPSS President and CEO Jack Noonan. "The benefits are numerous, including the ability to deliver more customer-driven programming that in turn creates greater viewer satisfaction and volume that drives increasing sponsor participation rates."