Ensemble Designs Mitto puts iPhone, iPad video on air for HD broadcast news

Ensemble Designs debuted at IBC2010 an interface to take iPhone and iPad video to HD for use in television stations and news facilities.

The new iPhone interface to the BrightEye Mitto scan converter can be used to shoot full-motion video. That video can be output in real time with the BrightEye Mitto broadcast scan converter.

Both the iPhone 4 and iPad output 1280x720 video on VGA and this output is the only way to get HD video out of the iOS device in real time. That signal is fed to Brighteye Mitto and converted to high-quality, full screen SD, HD or 3Gb/s SDI video.

BrightEye Mitto provides a means for taking mobile phone and computer video to air. Material such as YouTube video, weather radar, viewer emails and websites can be output to SD, HD or 3Gb/s serial digital video.