EditShare revs up NASCAR big screens

The Sprint Vision video production company was set up by the Motor Racing Network in 2002. Its purpose is to provide track-side big-screen entertainment, news, previews and interviews for fans at the NASCAR race venues around the country. The presentations are shown at both practice and qualifying sessions, as well as before and after the actual races. Until a couple of years ago, Sprint Vision used tape for all its productions.

Sprint Vision installed an EditShare system in 2012. EditShare vastly improved Sprint Vision’s production operation and organized workflow. EditShare’s Flow asset management, Energy shared storage and Ark archiving/back-up solutions provided the most cost-effective and flexible answer to Sprint Vision’s demanding media management and tiered storage requirements.

Sprint Vision first deployed its EditShare shared storage server. This 32TB Energy Series server allowed Sprint Vision to ingest footage captured at the race track to centralized storage in its native format, making the material immediately sharable among its Avid edit suites. At the end of the season, the company completed the switch to the full EditShare workflow package. In addition to the Energy storage server, the solution comprises EditShare Flow for ingest, logging, and production asset management and EditShare Ark Tape, which acts as both archive and back-up. The EditShare system forms the core media management platform for the whole of Sprint Vision’s video production center.