Edifis to show additions to product family at IBC2003

Edifis will unveil significant advancements to its product line, including the new Scratchbox with Lucifer image enhancement, Gradebox color correction server, the Deliverance format converter and the HD Brick DDR.

Scratchbox with Lucifer image enhancement offers a wide selection of tools such as tramline and dust filters. Dirt and emulsion damage can be detected and repaired. High-detail image areas are protected automatically.

The Gradebox color-correction server offers 20 hours of uncompressed storage and lets a colorist ingest an ungraded program, make needed adjustments and use the integral wipe generator to perform before-and-after comparisons.

The new Deliverance format converter converts HD or SD PAL frame-based material transferred at 25 frames to 23.976 frames per second. It also inserts 3:2 pulldown sequence, downconverts HD to SD, transforms picture aspect ratio, provides HD/SD safe-area grille and generates 23.976 sync pulse.

The HD Brick DDR stores up to eight hours of uncompressed HD video and audio and is controllable by various means including workstations, color converters and dedicated hardware panel.

See Edifis in Stand 6.255 at IBC2003 or visit www.edifis.com.

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