EBU’s David Wood Pitches HDR

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND—David Wood of the European Broadcast Union is the star of his own making on YouTube, where he’s featured in a series of videos extolling the virtues of advanced television technology. In this one, he makes a case for high dynamic range, an extension of the luminosity parameters now commonly available in TV sets.

There is an ongoing discussion in the television engineering community about whether o not HDR and higher frame rates provide more noticeable improvements in picture quality over an increase in resolution, a la 4KTV, also known as “ultra HDTV.”

“One of the ways we can improve television picture quality in the future will be by making the very light and the very dark areas more realistic,” he says. “This is not something TV today is very good at.”

Here, Wood, wearing an interesting combination of reds, explains how our eyes detect a light-dark range of nearly 10,000:1 versus what a typical TV displays at about 100:1, and how HDR would enhance the extremes of light and dark.